Struggle inside Mercedes bursts out?

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Mercedes has the first queue for the Grand Prix of Great Britain in its hands. On Friday the German team seemed to be struggling with the high temperatures, but now that it was ten degrees colder, Mercedes turned out to be out of control.

”I think the engineers did a great job analyzing that data last night to get the balance perfect for today. Of course the temperature also played a role, because the colder conditions and the wind in a different direction helped us enormously. It may be clear that we are performing less in the heat,” said Lewis Hamilton at the video meeting after the Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen judged that the warm temperatures wouldn’t have helped him to pole either, but it’s clear that Mercedes is still lucky with the temperatures on Saturday and Sunday. Now the drivers can mainly fight with each other again, although they also know the policy of the team.

Battle at Mercedes

”It will be the same as normal, because as a team we have a certain policy that we pursue in these situations. So we’re not going to do something completely different all of a sudden, because there is no advantage in doing so,” said Hamilton after the race. Valtteri Bottas will hope that an alternative strategy is possible, but of course he knows his team well.

”We will do everything we can to win. The gap in the championship is still small, so we’ll see what else is possible tonight. However, the team has a policy that the first driver determines the strategy and that in itself makes sense. That’s how it works, but you never know how it goes”, the Finn concludes.


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