Steiner: ”Chance is bigger that Verstappen wins twice in Austria”

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Haas has not had the best preparation in the team’s history and with the financial consequences of the corona crisis it remains to be seen how competitive the American race stable will be in 2020.

In any case, the advantage of everything is that Formula 1 will start again. On the Red Bull Ring, where normally a sea of Orange can be seen, there will be no public this year when the Formula 1 season finally starts. Günther Steiner is also happy that there will be racing again and Max Verstappen is closing in on big chances.

Can Verstappen win without fans?

”One hundred percent safe is nowhere, but everything has been thought through thoroughly. If everyone behaves responsibly in Austria, it looks good. Spielberg is a great place to start. The facilities are top notch and it’s very spacious. However, I am always on my guard”

says Steiner in conversation with the NOS.

The team boss of Haas does sympathize with the fans of Verstappen.

”In recent years thousands of Dutch fans have been sitting here in the stands, so I think you will be missed by the beer brewers. Despite the lack, it’s clear that Verstappen is good on this circuit and that he’s more likely to win twice than my drivers will make it to the podium”. 

Steiner concludes


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