Stake CDL Tokens and get benefits!

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Catered for your needs, CoinDeal constantly developing and enriching CDL Token into new functionalities.

On 19th March (Thursday), one of the most important features of CDL Token will be available. CoinDeal will give you the staking of CDL Tokens. This means that by staking a minimum of 1000 CDL, you will be able to win a reward of up to 11% per year. You will be able to pay it out in one of the three cryptocurrencies you choose: CDL, BTC or USDT.

The only conditions you have to meet in order to use the staking is verification at STARTER level and freezing of at least 72 hours. After this time passes you will be able to unstake it every second where your rewards will be recalculated with each second as well! Staked funds will not be accounted for the amount eligible for trading fees reduction – this must be either in your available or reserved funds what means that you can still post orders while reducing fees.

Additionally, as a CoinDeal Token holder, you can reduce your commissions. With 150,000 CDL Tokens, your commission will be reduced to 0.05%.
CoinDeal introduced changes related to commission reductions, which you can see in the Fees tab.

However, they are going out in front of all of their users, lowering the standard Maker and Taker to 0.29% and 0.39% on all transactions.

As you can see, it’s worth having a CDL Tokens… So go and BUY MORE!

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