Soon you’ll be able to use the ads targeting tool in FutureAdPro

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The FutureAdPro team is currently working on developing the precise ads targeting tool thanks to which you’ll be able to reach the perfect groups of users.

The tool mentioned above will allow you to choose the specific groups of recipients of your ads, basing on the information about age, gender, and the country.

We believe that thanks to this new possibility in FutureAdPro, your advertising campaigns will be more accurate and delivered to the groups of users about which you care the most.

FutureNet Team

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Brian Homer · 09/04/2019 at 9:21 pm

Thats fantastic, to be able to see more appropriate ads. We also need fap2 to get back up to speed otherwise we will not be able to purchase adpacks. No adpacks, no ads, no ads to see, no commissions. This needs to be seen to urgently

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