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FutureNet Futsal Maribor will seek the first victory to continue the final series, while Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel is expecting the third victory in this final as well as the third title in the national championship!
How it will end, you will also be able to see in live on the SPORTKLUB 5 channel.

Where Dobovec made the difference?

“The positive score of Dobovec with 2: 0 is not surprising. I think it’s completely deserved. The difference is done with the fact that Dobovec has 7-8 national teams, of which six are holders of the selected type. There is a key difference here! In addition, Dobovca players are accustomed to win titles, in the rows of Maribor they know Tomislav Horvat, Matej Fideršek, Uroš Kroflič and Jaka Sovdat,” – Mile Simeunovič said, coach of Silik Mkeršmanc.

The Mariborers put a lot on their fast counter-attacks. These were a lot in the past two matches, the coach Kujtim Morin believes that dangerous counterattacks were even too much.

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