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FutureNet Maribor finished the season in Slovenian futsal extra league with silver trophy! Game 3 of the final series with Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel turned out to be crucial. The guest team won this game 13:12 on penalty kicks and 3:0 on aggregate. Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel won the Slovenian championship, FutureNet Maribor finished second. 

It was a last chance game for our team, as it lost previous 2 meetings against Dobovec Pivovarna. Players from Maribor entered this challenge. In the 1st half, FutureNet Maribor was leading 2:0 after goals scored by Jeremy Bukovec and Matej Fidersek. It was a warning sign for the guests and they made up the loss quickly. Totoskovic scored the goal, Postruzin shot twice and before the break, Dobovec Pivovarna was leading 3:2.

Just after the start of the second half, FutureNet Maribor again fought to catch the rival. Fidersek scored again and Milos Stojkovic backed up his efforts with his goal. But the same scenario happened again and Dobovec Pivovarna restored the lead thanks to goals of Cujec and Duscak. Just before the end, Jaka Sovdat scored again for FutureNet Maribor and established the score in regular time to 5:5. So, n penalty kick shootaround was needed!

In this part of the game, the battle continued for a long time. Eventually, Dobovec Pivovarna was just slightly better and won 13:12 in penalties. Our team doesn’t reach the championship which was its basic goal for this season. On the other hand, last year FutureNet Maribor finished on 3rd place. A year later, our team improved its performance and took the silver trophy. In addition, captain of FutureNet Maribor Matej Fidersek won the award for the best shooter of the league.

Game 3, Slovenian futsal extra league final FutureNet Maribor – Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel 5:5, 12:13 on penalties.
Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Bukovec (11.), Fidersek (11., 22.), Stojkovic (22.), Sovdat (36.) 
Aggregate score: 3:0 for Dobovec Pivovarna Kozel. FutureNet Maribor won silver trophy.

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