Schumacher corrects Verstappen: ‘Same goes for Hamilton and my father’.

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Mick Schumacher will make his Formula 1 debut in 2021. The son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher says he doesn’t feel he has to confirm his father’s legacy by continuously winning and refutes the statements of Max Verstappen.

Schumacher uses name as an incentive

In conversation with Corriere della Sera, the young German discusses his position in the racing world with regard to his surname. The Schumacher name is one of the biggest in motorsport. However, Mick doesn’t feel the pressure to prove his last name.

“I never had a problem when my father Michael was remembered, or when a comparison was made. I think it is an honor and an incentive to be involved with such an important person. For me, it means dedication and doing my best as far as I can. I do not experience this with a heavy heart.”

Schumacher corrects Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton is currently on an equal footing with Mick Schumacher’s father when it comes to world titles. Max Verstappen downgraded the performance of the Briton by stating that any driver would win as much as Hamilton in the current Mercedes.

Mick disagrees: “If we look at a champion dominating an entire era, there is a risk that we are overlooking something important; the enormous amount of work it requires. The same goes for both Hamilton and my father. There is nothing normal about great success. It is an iceberg that we normally only see the tip of above the water.”


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