Schumacher: ‘Because of him Will Smith is interested in Formula 1’

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After securing his seventh title, Lewis Hamilton is the talking point in and around Formula 1. He matched Michael Schumacher’s record and the end is not yet in sight. He is a real superstar and Formula 1 offers a lot of interesting possibilities, says Ralf Schumacher.

Hamilton is a world star

“The best driver in the best car with the greatest self-confidence! So you can take 46 seconds off the second Perez in just 38 laps. Awesome”, Schumacher looks back on the Turkish Grand Prix in his column for Sky Sports Germany“On the side, he also laps his unfortunate team mate Bottas! What a clap. What a demonstration.”

But now it is also time to look ahead, says Schumacher: “After the title, it is now a question of his new contract. It’s about time! In six weeks, the year will be over… The rumour is that he is aiming for a salary of EUR 45 million a year. That is a lot of money, if the figure is correct. But he is also very good at it and well worth it”.

Will Smith’s interest

“He is the only real world star that Formula 1 has to offer. He knows many superstars from showbiz. Otherwise a Will Smith would never be interested in F1! Lewis has an invaluable value for Mercedes and also for the whole F1. He is the figurehead of the series. That has its price. Even if it ends up at 45 million euros…”

It is expected that Mercedes and Hamilton will announce the extension of the contract within a relatively short period of time. There is no reason for Hamilton to leave the sport in sporting terms, and he has already indicated that he still has enough to do.


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