Saward sees Verstappen play role in choice of Ferrari: “Max was faster than him”

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Joe Saward believes that Ferrari did well to choose Carlos Sainz and ignore Daniel Ricciardo. The 58 year old journalist thinks that Max Verstappen also played a role in choosing the 25-year old Spaniard. Furthermore Fernando Alonso gets a lot of punishment from Saward in the podcast The Missed Apex.

When asked if he had chosen Sainz instead of Ricciaro like Ferrari, Saward answered honestly: “Probably. Although Ricciardo would be much more a human for Ferrari. Daniel is full of character“, said the F1 expert, who thinks that it certainly plays a role that Ricciardo could not make a single fist against Verstappen at Red Bull Racing in 2018. “He’s just not so quick as Max you know. On the number front, he wasn’t as quick as Max Verstappen.”

Ricciardo to McLaren

At the moment that Ferrari chose to contract Sainz, McLaren came into action and managed to take over Ricciardo from Renault. That the Australian makes that move is remarkable, according to Saward. “The interesting point in all of this, is I don’t see Daniel moving to McLaren as being a step upwards. I see that thing as a step sideways.”

It is guessing why Ricciardo decided to turn his back on Renault after two seasons in Formula 1. “It is probably because he wasn’t very comfy at Renault. Maybe the idea of having Esteban Ocon doesn’t particularly appeals him. I’m a little bit surprised that you would go from a manufacturer team with his own engines to a secondary of third tertiary level Mercedes team”, refers the British to the fact that Mercedes will have a big finger with Renault from 2021, since the race stable from Brackley will supply engines to McLaren.

Harsh criticism for Alonso

For the time being, the victim of the transfer carousel is Sebastian Vettel. One of the few race stables where the four-time world champion seems to be able to go, is Renault. Saward is of the opinion that Renault should prefer Vettel to Alonso. “The fact is, I would take Vettel over Alonso any day. Because Alonso is a trouble causer. He destroys teams. It’s just the way it is. If you look through his career recently particular, he’s just damaged teams. You don’t want him in your team. Has Vettel damaged Ferrari? No he hasn’t. I think he’s still hungry and that is why I think Renault is a good place for him.” 


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