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Although not many young people who has just started their professional career or have been working for several years think about the distant future, it is worth considering a little earlier to save money for retirement. Pension systems in most countries helps to save money for the future, but they do not fully fulfill its function. To improve the quality of your life at later date, it is good to save on your own account. One of the ideas for an effective investment are cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The pension system is created to ensure a sufficient standard of living for older people who have ended their careers. The state collects part of payment from employees, which is invested in capital. It draws from citizens the obligation of long-term planning. The theory, however, is far from being successful and the system has a lot of disadvantages. The number of people paying premiums is decreasing, the number of people receiving benefits is increasing. It is a good idea to look for alternatives and investments that will increase your income during the autumn of life.

If you want to increase your retirement capital, consider investing in cryptocurrencies, especially if the calculation of your pension is low or you have been running your own business. All investment funds, pillars and individual retirement account are the elements on which the managers mainly earn and the insignificant earnings from bank deposits will certainly not satisfy you. Cryptocurrencies are modern form of cash. They are available on stock exchanges, have a specific course and therefore their own value. You can store them in a very secure way, send them instantly, free of charge, anonymously.

If you run a “retirement project” for several years, you will be able to accumulate quite a substantial amount. This idea has been picked up four years ago by Piotr Domownik, the founder of the website, where he presents his adventure with investment in cryptocurrencies. Investing about $ 50 a month in four cryptocurrencies allowed him to gain over 800% profits. Compared to 1-2% profit from investments and investment funds, the return on investment in cryptocurrencies is disproportionately larger. Therefore, innovative ideas are great solution if you are not sure about your future retirement. Even small amounts invested in a promising venture for a long period of time will provide you with a surprisingly high profit.

Two retirement plans in Virginia, USA, decided to invest $ 40 million in a blockchain venture capital. Investors see an extraordinary potential in possible profits. They believe that technology gives a huge opportunity to earn and an attractive return profile.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is certainly a good idea. Its advantages include diversification, ownership of assets, security of the investment portfolio, as well as growing cryptocurrencies. Remember – investing in anything is associated with risk. Take a lot of time to expand your knowledge and to educate in terms of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Remember your needs, requirements and goals. Track all changes and control the situation on the cryptocurrency exchange. Do not succumb to emotions and do not be suggestive of large fluctuations – the situation in this industry sometimes changes very dynamically.

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