Robert de Niro to star in new Netflix Formula One movie

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After the success of the Drive to Survive series, Netflix is working on a new Formula One hit. This time it will be a Formula 1 movie, starring John Boyega and Robert de Niro. Will this also be a hit?

Formula 1’s popularity has been boosted by the Drive to Survive series. It is not for everyone because, as a fanatical follower of Formula 1, you soon realise that things are mixed up, but for those less familiar with F1, Drive to Survive was a pleasant surprise.

New Formula One movie

That’s what Netflix’s new film should be, too. The project is still called ‘The Formula’, but whether that will be the official title is still unknown. The release date is also unknown, but the plot seems clear. It would be about a Formula 1 driver, who is forced to become a getaway driver in order to save his family.

In this film, there is also room for great actors. Robert de Niro has, of course, already played in numerous films and won two Oscars. John Boyega does not yet have the same status as De Niro, but with his breakthrough in the new Star Wars trilogy, he did put himself on the map. Gerard McMurray will write the script for the film, and it will also be produced and directed by him.


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