Ripple’s job post reveals plans for global expansion

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The blockchain heavyweight is in need of a senior product manager to bring its Xpring division to global developers

A recent job post for a Senior Product Manager at Ripple subsidiary, Xpring, indicates Ripple’s continued push to create a global ecosystem with the use of blockchain payment tools.

The job post states:

“We are seeking an experienced product manager to helm the cross-functional team responsible for building a robust, global developer ecosystem through {X}pring developer platform.”

“Our team works with the largest developer audience possible. We are engineers + storytellers, representing {X}pring to communities all around the world, inspiring the creation of the future where money flows like data today.”

Although blockchain has been around for just over a  decade, it has not been until recently that governments and businesses have adopted the technology. This may result in new demands for a blockchain-powered payment system that could challenge the existing global banking infrastructure.

A demonstration

The recent introduction of Payburner, a side project by the product director at Ripple, has demonstrated the capability of seamless transactions through an XRP-powered payment platform.

Furthermore, Payburner also shows the ease of implementing an XRP payment system.

It is fast and cost-effective for merchants, only taking a 1% cut of income and takes only 20 minutes to install.

Payburner could very well be Ripple’s proof of concept on a peer-to-peer payment platform that Ripples could provide its potential foreign developers.

Great minds think alike

Huobi, a prominent player in the crypto industry recently announced their plan to build a DeFi division with a similar goal, to build a global financial system with help from the crypto community.

The Chief Investment Officer of Huobi Labs, Sharlyn Wu, shared in a release:

“There is also a lot of investor education to do in order to bring crypto and DeFi to mainstream users. As DeFi is still in its infancy, it needs collective efforts from the global community to build and grow the space together.”

Huobi and Ripple share a similar goal of spreading decentralised payment tools globally and giving developers access to much-needed platforms in order to fuel the ongoing pursuit of blockchain-powered payment.


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