Ricciardo: ‘Give Marko a hug, see how he handles it’

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Sergio Perez is joining Red Bull Racing this season and will be dealing with Helmut Marko for the first time. However, according to Daniel Ricciardo, the man who is known for his hard statements also has a soft side.

Daniel Ricciardo himself was active for five years for Red Bull Racing and as a junior of Red Bull has also had a lot to do with Marko. Helmut does not shy away from tackling talents hard and criticising them openly. You have to be able to withstand that, but Ricciardo also saw the positive side of it.

‘You get 100% openness and honesty from him. If you’re not good, you hear that and you have to learn not to attract everything personally. He only says those things to get the best out of you. He says it because he cares about you and believes in you. So if he is willing to criticise you, then in a way you should even see that as a compliment”, 

says Ricciardo according to Formel1.de.

”Give him a hug, let’s see how he reacts to that”, Ricciardo laughingly advises Perez. ”Helmut has become softer in recent years. Maybe it’s because he’s getting older, but I also feel that he’s become a bit nicer”. Ricciardo won a bet this year from Cyril Abiteboul, but now also says that he has bet with Marko before.

”We haven’t had a bet this year, but I would have won if I had gone for what I was thinking of. However, the year before he won some euros from me, so he is still upstairs when it comes to betting. At the moment I am not very interested in it, but if he comes up with a good offer, I will take part. That way we will maintain our relationship”, concludes the Australian.

Source: planetf1.com

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