Restored Crypto YouTuber Describes Channel Ban Experience

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After YouTube terminated, and subsequently restored, his Crypto Crow channel, Jason Appleton explained the whirlwind of events for which Youtube has still provided no explanation.

“This situation was crushing honestly,” Appleton told Cointelegraph in an April 10 email. “An emotional roller coaster.”

A quick turn of events

The past several months have yielded numerous high profile crypto YouTube account bans, strikes, and subsequent restorations.

Appleton saw his YouTube channel closed on April 8, and then subsequently restored on April 9, he shared in tweets on those days.

“No explanation has been given,” Appleton told Cointelegraph. “I will say though that they had both flagged videos, even the one with a rejected appeal, back online and all community strikes removed within about 24 hours which I’m grateful for.”

A tough experience

Appleton explained the Crypto Crow YouTube channel as the successful result of his departure from his previous career in mortgages. “All of your work over 3 years wiped without any explanation or specific cause,” he said regarding the account’s termination.

“Though I will say, I understand YouTube’s situation,” he said, pointing out the platform’s burden of catching adverse content, and all that comes with that task.

“It’s just a system easily abused now and it’s being used as such,” he said, adding:

“I would gladly pay a monthly premium as a content provider to have someone at YouTube I could call directly if ever there is another problem so as to ease the frustration and concern of not knowing whether your career is over out of thin air and get things resolved. That is the biggest challenge.”

YouTube’s available support contacts say they do not hold the ability to fix the situation, Appleton explained. “It’s a growing pain for them and I’m sure it’s difficult to appease both sides.”

Just one month ago, programmer Ivan on Tech and price analyst The Moon also faced difficulties with their channels on the platform.

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