Redeem the funds in FutureAdPro using Solid Trust Pay

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What will we do at the beginning? Solid Trust Pay payments are on top of our priority list. When it will be launched, you’ll have to follow these steps to make it work:

  • visit this >>website<< and create account on Solid Trust Pay
  • order the redeem in FutureAdPro using Solid Trust Pay
  • share your Solid Trust Pay login or email address assigned to your account
  • confirm the transaction by FutureAdPro by clicking the link which you’ll get by email
  • the payment process will go further if the data is correct and matched. If so, the funds will be transferred into your Solid Trust Pay account.

In the next step of connecting FutureAdPro and Solid Trust Pay, we will also develop the possibility to make payments using Solid Trust Pay.

FutureNet Team

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