Red Bull with adapted nose and floor for the Grand Prix of Monaco

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According to the observation of our tech experts Giorgio Piola and Jake Boxall-Legge, Red Bull Racing has adapted the nose of the RB15 for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Milton Keynes formation has been known for several years for the large opening in the tip of the nose. The 2017 RB13 was the first to be equipped with this gap. The FIA was able to live with the concept and the wrinkle zone also did not suffer. The advantage of this opening is that more air flows directly to the bottom of the nose and the bottom plate.

However, for the upcoming Monaco GP, Red Bull has included a conventional version of the nose, similar to the version that was already used in 2016. The reason why the team goes back to that configuration is not clear, but it is possible that the opening fires air to the underlying low pressure area, creating a lift effect: the opposite of downforce. In Monte Carlo, downforce and control of the front of the car is crucial. Elements that do not work optimally or adverse effects can make it even more challenging for the driver.

Also adapted front wing and floor

In addition to the adaptation to the nose, the team also comes with a new specification of the front wing. This version is more in line with the concept with which the team started the season, with a steeper sloping upper flap and no longer a slit in the middle element. That solution must generate more downforce.

A number of small fins have also been placed on the floor, just next to the undercut of the sidepod. With this the team wants to send the air out better. The new fins (red arrow) enhance this effect. The rear elements direct the air towards the opening in the floor behind it.

The ends of the fins are in different angles, corresponding to the curves of the floor to better direct the air along the sidepods. All these changes together must ensure that the impact of the rear tires decreases. The large tires cause a lot of turbulence and as a result the efficiency of downforce-generating elements on the rear, especially the diffuser, decreases.

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