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Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko called the “ridiculous” penalty that Ferrari received in Abu Dhabi for reporting the wrong amount of fuel in the car, threatening to protest in 2020 if such things were repeated.

Although the season is over, the passions between the teams will not calm down. Red Bull is angry over the Ferrari mild punishment received in Abu Dhabi.

Background: Before the race, the FIA ​​recorded a 4.88 kg difference between the amount of fuel in the Leclerc car reported by Ferrari and recorded by the FIA. Leclerc was threatened with disqualification, but after the race, only the team was fined € 50,000, which is the true downfall of the F1 team.

Before the race, Marko declared this case on television “so this case doesn’t end up under the carpet.” Marko believes Ferrari clearly broke the rules and that Ferrari should have been disqualified.

“There are clear rules. Such a mild punishment for such an offense is ridiculous,” said Marko.

Ferrari was often under fire from their rivals this year, with their powertrain being the most impacted. A technical directive issued by the FIA ​​on the eve of the USG came at Red Bull’s initiative, which showed by Honda experiments that the fuel flow meter could be ‘tricked’ and inject more fuel into the combustion process than allowed.

The next technical directive came to Brazil, which banned the mixing of any flammable liquids from the cooling system into the combustion process, when news came that the FIA ​​had thoroughly checked the Ferrari, Haas and Red Bull fuel systems.

Red Bull continues to believe the Ferrari engine is illegal and threatened to protest in 2020 because they want all teams to be treated equally:

“It’s about fairness, about respecting the rules, that all teams are treated equally. The Ferrari engine was checked for a number of reasons, as they were out of any gray area in several areas, but nothing was done about it. If in 2020 we suspect there are irregularities, we will protest, and Ferrari will have to find out everything and the FIA ​​will deal with it adequately, said Marko.

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