Red Bull and AlphaTauri will run identical cars in ’21 if Racing Point model legal

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Horner has declared, though, the outcome of the International Court of Appeal process could see Red Bull and AlphaTauri run very similar cars next season.

“From a Red Bull perspective, it [the appeal result] is just important for us because we just want to know what is allowed and what isn’t,” said Horner.

“Red Bull uniquely own 100% of two teams. There’s not another two teams in that situation.

“So of course if the Racing Point model is allowed, we will go that route and turn up with four identical-looking cars next year.”

Horner did, however, concede that with the signing of the new Concorde Agreement the issue will be clarified.

“I believe that in what has been agreed, and in what is presented and which will be voted on, has addressed that,” added Horner.

After starting the process, Horner believes Renault has been shown compelling evidence to suggest the concept would be dealt with for the team to have dropped out of the proceedings.

He added: “I’m sure that Renault must have confidence that will be dealt with in the forthcoming presentation of regulations for 2021 onwards. Otherwise, I can’t believe that they would have withdrawn that appeal.

“I haven’t had any discussions with Renault to understand their rationale behind withdrawing, but one can only assume that they must have that confidence that this issue is going to be fully addressed.”


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