Racing Point has chosen Perez: ‘Vettel was never inside’

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Racing Point no longer seems interested in the services of Sebastian Vettel. This conclusion can be drawn cautiously after an interview of Auto, Motor und Sport with Otmar Szafnauer. The team boss of the British race team states that there is nothing more to confirm for next season in terms of line-up.

Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez seem to be racing for the pink formation of Lawrence Stroll next year. Both men also have a contract for 2021, but in the case of Perez there would be a breakaway clause for Racing Point that could be lifted if they wanted to get rid of the Mexican.

If Racing Point had wanted to bring in Sebastian Vettel, it could have made use of this provision in the contract. Judging by what Szafnauer said, this no longer seems to be the case.

When asked when the drivers will be announced for next season, he replies: “We did that two years ago. There is nothing more to confirm”. So Sebastian Vettel is out? “He was never considered” Szafnauer says. When he is then asked by the German medium what that means for 2021, the 56-year-old chief decides to end the interview.

Over the past few months there have been many rumours about a possible switch from Vettel to Racing Point. The four-time world champion would even have received a contract offer, but if we can believe Szafnauer, none of this is true. Or is there more going on here?


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