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Our platform is safe. We don’t ask for your private data, and we don’t use it. If other platform does be careful and aware!

Take care of the security of your data! Please follow a few simple rules:

  • If you are a new member, don’t let anyone give you a login and password. Create them all by yourself!
  • Do not publish your passwords and login details in private messages on social media.
  • Never share your login and password with other people! Even with support and leaders! Use the principle of limited trust, if you are not sure who you are talking to, do not give any information about yourself.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts! Always use complex one for your mailbox!
  • Change your password regularly – at least once a month.
  • Do not post documents with your sensitive personal data on the web, do not share photos of these documents, or screenshots containing such data.
  • Take special care while using the browser (do not click suspicious links).
  • Lock the phone.
  • Look out for cheaters! Always check website address to be sure that you share your data with the platform you want to share.
  • Beware of the phishing attempts. Pay attention to suspicious messages sent via various communication channels: e-mails, social websites, Internet browser messages, text messages. Beware of fake links and message attachments.
  • Protect your ID! Don’t send any documents through messages, pictures or e-mails. We remind you that we never ask you to send confidential data like passwords or scans of your ID cards except for the registration process for FutureAdPro and FuturoNetwork when you should send a scan of the indicated document at once.

Share this information with your friends and start to protect your data appropriately!

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