Plooij reports problems at Mercedes: ‘All engines must be changed quickly’

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Max Verstappen is a big favourite for the Austrian Grand Prix and his chances have only increased according to Jack Plooij. He received news about the engines of Mercedes.

This weekend the engines of the Formula 1 teams will be restarted for the first time for the Austrian Grand Prix. With this the Formula 1 season will finally start again and with Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as big favourites. Plooij sees Verstappen winning in Austria, but also has other news.

Problems at Mercedes

“There’s a very good chance he’ll win. On the way here I got a call and I understood that the engines at Mercedes have to be taken out. A mistake would have been found in the engine of Mercedes and now all engines, including those at the customers, have to be swapped. So the weekend already starts quietly”, Plooij says in the broadcast Op1.

Still it’s still racing and it remains to be seen whether this will have an impact on the weekend. Who knows, maybe Mercedes already has a new engine ready and the problem has already been solved. ”Sport remains very simple and so is Max. Whatever happens, he is really only working on one thing: ‘Be the fastest in each session, because then I win”, concludes the pit reporter of Ziggo Sport.


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