Not just Williams in trouble: ”There are more teams with problems”

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The Formula 1 grid already consists of 10 teams since 2015, after the garage doors at Caterham had to be closed as well. Since then only Haas came new on the grid and for the time being we don’t have to expect any new teams.

No new Formula 1 teams

For the time being, Formula 1 doesn’t do enough to make it attractive for outsiders to enter Formula 1. Ross Brawn prefers to focus on the current ten teams on the grid, but of course it is questionable whether the top man of Liberty Media would be wise to do so.

”At the moment the focus for us is on the current ten teams and these circumstances are even better. We will make sure the sport becomes a much healthier place for the teams and then it will be more interesting for outsiders in the long run. However, we already have ten good teams and they can use all the help we can get from us,” Brawn said in conversation with

More teams in trouble

The question of whether new teams will be added in due course is therefore ignored. ”It’s not what we’re focusing on right now,” says Brawn, who already has his hands full with teams that are about to fall over because of the coronavirus. For example, Williams has already indicated that entire sales are not excluded.

”Williams is in the spotlight, but there are more teams that are in trouble. If we lose a team that may be an opportunity for another team to get in, but we must avoid getting small teams in F1 that do not have the means to survive”, concludes Brawn who also knows that the lifespan of HRT, Caterham and Marussia was not particularly long.


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