Nico Hulkenberg is very positive about Max Verstappen: ‘The most blatant guy I know’

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The German former F1 driver calls Verstappen the ‘most blatant guy I know’.

According to Hulkenberg, Verstappen is not just someone who gives everything on the circuit. He also does that in other places in life, such as the club. “He’s a real class act – both on the track and at the club,” says the German in the podcast GQ, as quoted by The young Dutchman is someone who also lives at full throttle next to the track. He doesn’t leave much. He is the most shameless guy I know. Max is just a cool guy, authentic and direct. I get on well with him.”

“I spoke Dutch with them”

Hulkenberg knows Verstappen and his father Jos from karting. The age difference between the two is considerable with nine years. But both drivers then drove for the same team. “That’s where I got to know Jos and Max so well. I always talked Dutch with them, so that nobody could understand us.”

“He wasn’t such a party animal back then, but now he goes to the limit in every aspect of life. He’s just really alive. On the circuit, he lives with the motto ‘work hard, play hard’. He treats himself to something and then celebrates victory as it should be. That’s the way it’s supposed to be when you look at the past.”


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