New XRP-Centric Instant P2P Global Payment Platform Payburner Launches

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XRP-centric peer-to-peer payment platform Payburner, which claims to be the next-generation XRP wallet for payments of goods and services, has announced the launch of a new instant global payment platform.

According to a release by the payment wallet, the beta version new release comes with support for features like PayID network search, PayID integration, browser plugin, a new ecommerce 1-click checkout experiences, and payment request with an encoded P2P messaging option, among others.

The upgrade is designed to offer first time and existing users better and improved experience, and the wallet which comes as a plugin is made compatible with Brave and Chrome browsers on computer, however, more browsers and iOS/Android apps support are underway.

Existing users only need to download the new plug-in and import their previous account file, while new users will need to create an account before use, and a max of 22 XRP would be sent to the account for initially activation.

The new wallet comes with brand new functionalities that can be located in the plug-in menu at the upper left corner of the platform interface.

With the new Payburner wallet, you can now request payment from other Payburner users, however, the payment company intends expanding the feature to other platform users like PayID in the future.

The payment request can be sent to the payer with an optional message, However, Payburner itself does not have access to the message since it is encrypted, but its system is aware of the request.

The PayID network search feature permits users to search and find people on Payburner only, but plans are on track to increase participants’ search scope to things like Twitter accounts using PayID.

With the new release, users can also make ecommerce payments on platforms like and with XRP coin. 1-click ecommerce checkout experiences can be done via any XRP address, but the merchant is required to have a Payburner account.

Payburner says it expects that the new beta launch will let websites accept payment in XRP via Payburner.

The beta version of the wallet released is for experimenting, however, Payburner charges 1% of received XRP for the 1-click merchant payout experience, but no charges are required for P2P payment and request.

Meanwhile, Payburner does not have the power to withdraw funds from any account, hence the company messages merchant to request charge fee.


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