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WhitePaper is the necessary thing for every cryptocurrency. If you haven’t the opportunity to get to know ours yet, you have to make up for it! That’s the document from which you can learn, among others things as the purpose of the project, what benefits you can get by investing in a chosen project , or how the project wants to achieve its goal.

That’s why it’s worth reading WhitePaper what we strongly recommend!


1. Introduction

What is cryptocurrency and what is FuturoCoin? How does FuturoCoin work under the hood?

  • Asymmetric cryptography
  • Transaction
  • Mining process

2. Dash as a codebase for FuturoCoin

  • Two-Tier Network
  • Instant payments
  • Low and constant transaction fees
  • Governance model
  • Advanced Security

3. FuturoCoin approach

  • Instant transactions
  • Total coin emission
  • Emission rate
  • Block reward allocation
  • PrivateSend functionality
  • Flat fee for all kinds of transactions
  • Big and growing community of supporters

Trough this link FUTUROCOIN WHITEPAPER UPDATED you can learn all about this.

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