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FutureNet Imperium Katowice handball women handball team maintains its great form this season. During the last weekend, our team defeated MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz 23:19 and still ranks second in the table.

The team from the Polish city Nowy Sącz is ranked at lower part of the table of the 1st women’s handball league in Poland, but it can be dangerous even for the best teams. That’s why FutureNet Imperium had to put in a lot of work to win this match. Fresh from the start, the match was very balanced, and both teams were fighting goal by goal. But the closer it was to the end of the first half, the better the team from Katowice played. Our players built a safe advantage and went to the changing room for a break with 13:8 lead. This result meant that the home team would have to try hard to get even a draw.

After the change of sides on the pitch, MKS Olimpia-Beskid improved its game and managed to get closer to FutureNet Imperium, reducing its loss to only 15:13. However, this was the last moment when the hosts could dream on reaching some good result. Later in the game, FutureNet Imperium restored its significant advantage thanks to good play of Katarzyna Sadowska, Aleksandra Jaroszewska and Joanna Sermak who were effective in the offensive game. As a result,  the team from Katowice jumped away from rivals (20:16). Then it became clear that FutureNet Imperium wouldn’t give victory in this match. Eventually, FutureNet Imperium Katowice defeated MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz 23:19.

Aleksandra Jaroszewska (7 goals) was the best player in the FutureNet Imperium match in Nowy Sacz. Sabina Radlak (4 goals) and Agnieszka Drażyk (4 goals) added good support. In MKS Olimpia Beskid, Kamila Dzidek (7 goals) was the best on Saturday’s evening.

After a win in Nowy Sącz, FutureNet Imperium Katowice has 41 points and holds the 2nd place in the table. Our team still has to hold its pace, as the UKS Varsovia has 40 points and is on the 3rd place. It seems that the fight for the silver medal in the league will be amazing!MKS Olimpia-Beskid Nowy Sącz – FutureNet Imperium Katowice 19:23 (8:13).

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