Milena Chorążewska

When she was 11 years old, Milena Chorążewska discovered her passion for horse riding. And this love accompanies her to this day, bringing great successes. She’s also a great example of how amazing cooperation between human and horse can be as horse riding has a great load of majesty.
In 2018, Milena Chorążewska and her horse Bajer competed in The Baltic Cup 2018. Thanks to a great performance during the last race of the season, this duo has achieved great success. Milena finished the competition at the podium, twice on third place (race categories: LL and L).
It’s always a long road to the top, filled with a lot of commitment and hard work. Milena Chorążewska also walked through such path. She cooperated with the best horse riders from all over the world in such countries as Marocco, Canada, Portugal or Spain.
As she points out, the time of gaining a lot of experience was when she worked for the WKD Team – Sycamore Stable in Ireland. Then Milena Chorążewska took part in many horse riding events across entire Europe, being responsible for different aspects of preparation for the competitions.
In 2010, Milena Chorążewska became an owner of horse Bajer, deriving from the Zangersheide horse line. It was 2,5 years old then and become beautiful, strong and fast very skilled in jumping over obstacles. Bajer is also very friendly, calm and gentle for the people. It’s also worth to mention that Milena Chorążewska works with coach Łukasz Lesner from the Pegaz Reda stable.

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