Melania Trump’s Body Language Reveals Why She Is A Vital ‘Comfort Blanket’ For Ivanka Trump

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Melania Trump has reportedly contributed to Ivanka Trump’s growing confidence and has been a “comfort blanket” for the first daughter, an expert has claimed.

President Donald Trump’s third wife Melania and eldest daughter Ivanka seem to be fond of each other, according to body language expert Bruce Durham of Believingbruce. The expert believes that the FLOTUS has played an important role in the first daughter’s improvement.

Ivanka serves as one of the POTUS’ senior political advisors. Many have noticed that she has become more comfortable in her role in the White House, and her step-mom has reportedly helped Ivanka grow her confidence.

“Overall, Ivanka seems to be gradually gaining her own confidence in herself and in the new role she finds herself in,” Durham said.

“However, there is enough evidence to suggest that Melania is actually key to this growth. I see typical parent – child behavioural patterns. Ivanka is most definitely on her own journey, but as much as she may want to be ‘the boss’ as is typical on our journey to adulthood. She ‘checks in’ quite frequently with Melania. She uses Melania as her comfort blanket when she is feeling a little outside of her comfort zone,” he continued.

Melania is only 11 years older than the POTUS’ daughter, but they still share a mother-daughter relationship. Both women regularly appear in the public eye with Trump.

The body language expert also noted how Melania presented the same emotional baseline for years. The FLOTUS can hold eye contact and look straight ahead. All of her limbs also look relaxed, and she rarely grips her hands. According to Durham, Melania doesn’t sense any threats around her and doesn’t shield herself.

On the other hand, CNN’s Kate Bennett claimed in her book “Free Melania: The Unauthorized Biography” that the two most important women in Trump’s life had a “frosty” relationship when they moved to the White House because Melania felt that Ivanka was “invading her turf.”

Bennett also claimed that Melania’s “I really don’t care, do you” jacket was a jab at Ivanka. The two were rumored to be feuding.

Meanwhile, author Vicky Ward also commented on the two women’s relationship when she appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in 2019. Ward was asked if there was still someone who could check Ivanka and Jared’s influence on Trump after they fired James Comey as FBI director, and she dropped the FLOTUS’ name.


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