‘MECHANICAL SETUP’ – the reason for bad form in Bahrain

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Red Bull was very far from the leading Ferrari and Mercedes in the Bahrain and were only 0.005s ahead of the middle of the race. Verstappen, however, said that they discovered the causes of their bad form and that they would be able to fight the lead duo that they had done everything properly.

The fourth place was the maximum for Verstappen in Bahrain. Without a safety car, he would overtake Charles Leclerc who had problems with the engine, but the Dutchman said immediately after the race that he did not deserve the stand due to his performances.

Testing after the race in Bahrain they were happy to locate their problems and find the answers why Verstappen and Gasly struggled with the balance of the car and rearranging the rear end.

“We realized a lot of the tests and we found that we made a setup error throughout the weekend,” said Verstappen. “Now we know where we sinned-in a mechanical setup.”

Red Bull in Bahrain failed to hit an optimal working range and Verstappen was not pleased with the behavior of his car. However, the Dutchman believes that his team could fight Ferrari and Mercedes to do everything right.

“If we did everything perfectly, we’d be one round ahead,” Verstappen joked. “We are definitely closer when we have a good balance. Then we are able to fight with Mercedes and Ferrari, then I would certainly be the third in Bahrain. “

The new Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly, who earned his promotion to the Austrian team after Ricciardo’s departure to Renault, still does not show a near-good run last year in Toro Ross, with which he impressed for the fourth place in Bahrain.

“Bolid still does not do what I’m asking for. Toro Rosso from the previous year was predictable, “Gasly said, who also pointed out communication with engineers as one of the problems:” We need to get to know each other better. “

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