Max after another spectacular edition of Jumbo Racing Days: ‘Have enjoyed’

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The fourth edition of the Jumbo Racing Days is finished. For two days Circuit Zandvoort was all about racing spectacle. The circuit in the dunes was filled on all sides during the weekend with over 100,000 enthusiastic fans, who were treated to a packed program, including some entertaining Formula 1 show runs by Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly.

During the last demonstration, Aston Martin pulled out Red Bull Racing by providing both cars with colored smoke. It also produced spectacular images when both Max and Pierre gave their RB7s the spurs and started to turn donuts right in front of the main stand. After the tires were broken, both drivers got out of the car with loud cheers from the audience present, which brought a wonderful end to another fantastic weekend.

The Dutch protagonist also made extensive time for his fans on both days. Among other things during stage presentations and via a bus tour that visited the entire circuit in half an hour. Max again enjoyed this year: “You enjoy it the most when you see that there are so many fans. When you are busy driving and donuts start spinning, everyone is super excited. It is very nice if you can do that together with your teammate with two cars. “

The Dutchman is therefore very much looking forward to the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, which will be held in May next year: “I hope it will be a very nice weekend and we will see orange dunes!” Max concludes: “I also have this year I really enjoyed the Jumbo Race Days, although this is already the fourth edition, I never get used to the enthusiasm of the fans here, they support me all year round and I think it’s great that I can thank them for this during the Race Days. It was another party in Zandvoort!”

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