Mattia Binotto Defends Vettel’s Ferrari Exit

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It was back in May, when Formula 1 was in the midst of its Covid-19 shutdown, that it was announced the four-time world champion would not have his contract his renewed at the end of this year.

Initially, Binotto claimed it had been a mutual decision to split after six seasons, however, Vettel later revealed it was Ferrari’s own call to drop him.

And talking to Sky Italia at Imola last weekend, Binotto recalled the moment he informed the German his services wouldn’t be required.

“I was at home, and before I called him I repeated mentally three times beforehand what I should tell him and how,” he said.

“The choice about Seb was not easy because we love him for what he has been, for the way he has behaved and for what he has given to the team over the years.

“But there comes a time when you have to have the clarity to make choices looking to the future. We are close to the start of a new technical cycle in 2022, and there is a team that is being built up in all areas.

“We have the duty and ambition to look to the medium and long term, and it is precisely on this rationale that the strength to make certain choices must be found.

“Did Seb get in the way? No, he did not hang up the phone. He is a very intelligent person, a beautiful person, and he has maintained his character during a season in which there has been no lack of difficulties.

“He was never negative. Instead, he was proactive and a very respectable person.”

Turning to Ferrari’s 2021 line-up of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Binotto believes the duo provide the right mix of passion and precision.

“Charles has the enthusiasm of the fans and also the team from the way he produces lap times in qualifying, with his overtaking and with the way he defends on track. Enzo Ferrari would have loved it,” he said.

“Regarding the choice of Carlos, I personally see him as a leader. He is a great worker, he hooks up with engineers and asks for more and more.

“Although he is young, he already has many years of Formula 1 behind him and his path has always been one of learning to get the results.

“The drivers today are really the least of our problems. Charles is growing, and in difficulties, he has never been critical. He wants to help contribute and grow the team.”


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