Marko questions performance: “Mystery how Leclerc was so fast”

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Max Verstappen will start Sunday’s Formula 1 race from third place for the British Grand Prix but was almost surprised by Charles Leclerc. Ferrari was disappointed at the start of the season but they now seem to be coming back slowly. 

In the first three races of the 2020 Formula 1 season, Ferrari is the team that disappoints the most. The engine is much slower now that last season as their trick can no longer be used. With much more downforce on the car, the problems only get worse. Nevertheless, Leclerc came close to Verstappen on Saturday.

The Ferrari mystery

“It’s a mystery where Leclerc got that speed from,” Marko says to Auto Bild. ”He was faster on the straights than we were, but that only seems to be the case with him. We didn’t see it with Sebastian Vettel. In fact, Leclerc only lost two tenths at his best time of 2019”, Helmut Marko questions the performance of the Monegasque.

Especially the comparison between Leclerc and Vettel is remarkable. How is it possible that one driver can achieve a higher top speed than the Red Bull Racing cars, where the other can’t. In any case, Marko expresses his doubts about this, although the gap to Mercedes will have to worry him more.


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