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Helmut Marko believes that Max Verstappen is the only driver who drove perfectly in the current season and believes that the Dutchman is ‘completely ready’ for the title.

Verstappen achieved his best start in Formula One season so far in 2019. The Dutchman won 51 points in the first four races, with a pedestal from the first race of the Australian Grand Prix season. In each of the next three races it was placed between the two Ferrari in the fourth place.

Since Red Bull at this moment is behind the Mercedes and Ferrari, Verstappen has won the first four races of his RB15, and Helmut Marko believes that the Dutchman was the best driver on the grid in the current season.

“Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Leclerc so far have had climb and downs, only Max was perfect for now and he always pulled the maximum out of the car – sometimes even more,” said Marko. “It’s fully prepared for the title of Barcelona and we have to show that we are ready for it.”

Verstappen finished 3rd at the opening season in Australia.

Red Bull in Spain should bring upgrades that will solve their problems with the back of the car and hope to make significant progress.

“So far, the lack of downforce was our problem. The concept of the car is focused on efficiency due to the lack of engine power of our former supplier (Renault). Because of that, we initially lost time in turns. Honda has made serious progress, so we can react now. Starting with Barcelona, the next race should benefit us,” added Marko.

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