Marko knows that in 2019 they can win 5 races

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner admits his team does not understand why they were so fast in Austria.

Verstappen came up with a fantastic ride on his Red Bull Ring and his Red Bull’s first win this season after a very bad start which he slipped to eighth place.

But the Dutchman has recovered greatly from that moment and on the track crossed both Ferrari and Waltters Bottas, while at the boxing stage he passed in front of Lewis Hamilton. The RB15 was impressive in his hands, on the track where the engine power and performance on the straight lines play a big role.

Horner says I can not explain why they were so fast in Austria compared to Mercedes and Ferrari.

“In the second part, the races were great. The car was incredibly fast. The reality is that we can not explain it, ” Horner said. “The upgrades we brought to the car in the last few races started to work very well, but we got this race harder. We had to beat 3 of 4 main competitors, and Max did just that. “

Red Bull brought a new front wing in Austria, which Verstappen boasted of improving the behavior and adhesion of the car. The victory in Austria justifies their transition from Renault to Honda’s engines, and motorsport advisor Helmut Marko believes that they can achieve their goal of five victories.

“You were at a press conference in Tokyo where I promised 5 victories. Some thought I was crazy, but I still believe we can do it. “

Horner is more cautious and wants to see progress over the season.

“Let’s go race after the race. We made a victory with Honda, which is a great moment for them. I think that in the past 27 years they had only one victory, so we will try to build on that basis. “

“We will continue to develop the car and continue to press. But we have achieved the first goal. “

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