Marko: Hamilton was supposed to be punished

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Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko thinks that Lewis Hamilton should be punished in the Verstappen incident as he moved to the left when he saw the Dutchman. He also commented on the penalty for unsafe boxing.

Verstappen put pressure on Hamilton during the entire race and was constantly within 5 to 7 tenths of a time behind the Mercedes driver. He came closest to the 76th round when he attacked him at the exit from the tunnel. However, there were contacts between them, but their bolides did not suffer any major damage.

Although the incident was under investigation by the judges, no further action was taken. But Marko believes that Hamilton should have been punished and that the judges were too mild to him.

“In an incident after the tunnel, Hamilton moved to the left-in that case he was supposed to be punished, But this did not happen because he had a red helmet today,” said Marko.

He also commented on the incident of Red Bull’s insecure release of Verstappen from boxing when he skipped Bottas for second place. Then there was a contact between the two of them, and Bottas had to go to boxing once again and he fell to the fourth place. Later Verstappen was fined 5 seconds and finished fourth, although he entered the goal as the other.

“Unsafe release? I think these judges are not the biggest fans of Max. Opportunity was here. Max tried everything and got the maximum. He drove an incredible race and we are very satisfied with the speed. ”

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