Marko commented on the possibility of Vettel returning to Red Bull!?

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Red Bull Motorsport Advisor, Helmut Marko commented on the possibility of returning Sebastian Vettel to this team when his current contract with Ferrari expires.

More recently, he has been talking about the future of Pierre Gasly, which proved to be a big disappointment after being promoted from Red Bull to Toro Rosso. The French driver won 37 points in 8 races, while at the same time his team-mate, Verstappen, collected 100 points and did not finish in any race under 5th. He twice climbed to the winning stand in Australia and Spain, where he finished third.

Marko, however, stood in the defense of Gasly, which will give Red Bull more time to fit into the new environment and show what it was brought to bring. Last year impressed with some results at Toro Ross (4th in Bahrain), but this year he struggles to adjust to RB15.

“We do not mean to replace him. Gasly worked with a guy who is not so experienced in running a Formula 1 racer, which certainly did not help him,”  Marko said. “After two accidents in Barcelona he was very insecure, but he drove some good races. We will work together to push him forward.”

After Marko recently defended Sebastian Vettel for the punishment that was granted to him in Montreal, rumors came out that Red Bull wants to return to his most successful driver who left them at the end of 2014.

Lately, It is generally believed that he is driving under pressure and is not the same driver as it was in Red Bull. This was recently commented by Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner, who said that Vettel in Ferrari on his back carries the ambitions and hopes of the whole team while Red Bull has a whole team behind him.

“Sebastian was like a metronome when he was at the helm of the race. Obviously, these days are more under pressure because it carries Ferrari’s hopes in a very tense environment. To get the maximum out of people you have to provide them with the right environment – this is very important,”  Horner said.

For this reason rumors emerged that Vettel might return to Milton Keynes where he spent most successful days of his career. From 2010 to 2013 he dominated Formula 1 and won 4 league titles.

“As you know, in Formula 1 nothing is impossible. But Sebastian still has a contract with Ferrari until 2020,”  says Marko.

But in the 2015, when Vettel went to Ferrari, he had a contract with Red Bull. Marko adds: “He had a contract termination clause that was related to the performance, and he was used it.”

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