Marko believes that Formula 1 is biased towards Mercedes

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Motorsport advisor Red Bull, Helmut Marko believes that Formula 1 and its tire manufacturer Pirelli favor Mercedes, for which he even offered the theory that perhaps before others they have information about the new tires for 2019.

This year there is much talk about Pirelli tires with a thinner tread, which the Italian company designed to prevent overheating and creating blistering. However, the teams have encountered a new problem and have problems with heating the tires and bringing them to the optimum operating range.

The only team that does not bother with it is the Mercedes team that in the past years had big problems with tire overheating and blistering. This year they have won 7 wins in 7 races and have the most dominant start of some teams in the season ever.

Apart from the fact that Pirelli changed the construction and tire tread, there was a change in aerodynamics, and the front and rear wings expanded and simplified. Marko believes that the conversion of the change went to Mercedes’s benefit and that the tires for 2019 were made according to Mercedes’s ‘taste’.

Hamilton achieved the Mercedes 7 win in the Canadian Grand Prix in 7 races this season, but it came in a controversial way after Vettel’s 5-second penalty.

“Let’s say it this way: it’s obvious that changes to rules and decisions have always been good for Mercedes in recent times. Example: Pirelli has changed the tire tread for 2019 so they are no longer overheated. In 2018, only Mercedes had problems with that, “ says Marko.

“This year, just Mercedes brings tires to an optimum operating range, all the others do not-it’s ridiculous. We all had the opportunity to react, but the concepts of the car were designed for less downforce. Only Mercedes picked up the other way and made a car with a lot of downforce-in retrospect it was exactly the way to get the maximum out of the new generation of tires. “

Marko offered an interesting theory and does not exclude the possibility that Mercedes had previously received data on new tires:

“I can not prove that Mercedes had received data earlier than us, but I can not even exclude it. You do not increase your confidence when you see the Liberty official Mercedes with the Stuttgart plates in the Monaco Padlock, and Pirelli’s tires on it. We at Red Bull will closely monitor the development of Formula 1 in the future. We’ll have to talk to Pirelli too. ”

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