Marko and Hamilton put it back: “I’m not a racist”

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On Wednesday a storm erupted when Lewis Hamilton attacked Helmut Marko. The Brit had been pointed out a quote from the Austrian which he did not want, but in the end it turned out that this quote did not exist at all.

The medium that put the quote on the website has in the meantime apologized to Helmut Marko and Red Bull Racing, after it had already deleted the message on Wednesday when it turned out that there was something wrong with it. No other medium reported on Marko’s quotes about Hamilton being distracted by his support for racism, and that turned out to be justified.

Enquiries with RTL ensured that the truth came to light. The images of the interview were cancelled and Marko never said anything at all in that trend. Christian Horner sent a message to Hamilton, who would delete his message not much later. Marko sent another mail and the weather is good between them as well, lets you know.

‘My phone was red-hot for hours. Vicky Lloyd (press officer Red Bull) called me with questions if I had said it. I had no idea what she was talking about, because it came out of the blue. At RTL it was sorted out, because I couldn’t remember saying this”

Marko says at

An SMS and an e-mail later everything is fine again between both parties and Marko is not angry with Hamilton. ”He’s emotionally very involved and it’s not up to him to recognize the authenticity of the news. We are now taking steps against the website, but fortunately there are also plenty of journalists who can see what’s going on”.

Marko found the allegations of racism the most absurd of all.

‘I’m not a racist. We have all kinds of people working within our organisation of all kinds of different nationalities. This has always been the case in the youth programme and will always be the case,”.

concludes Marko


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