Maksymilian Bratkowicz

Bravery, strength and striving for sports perfection – these are the traits that make Maksymilian Bratkowicz stand out. He comes from Wroclaw, Poland, is 25-years old and has a reputation of a great fighter. Currently, Maksymilian Bratkowicz is a member of the Gym-Fight Wrocław club. His career reminds of the importance of trust between the player and the coach. Maksymilian has been working together with Rafał Peteril for years.
He has several titles in his portfolio: Polish K1 Championship (2018), DSF Federation Championship Challenge (2018), K1 World Champion (Budapest 2017), Hero distinction granted by Polish Kickboxing Federation for the best fighter (2017), winner of Slovak Open Cup (2016).
But this is not the end of Maximilian’s success list. It’s worth to mention that he finished on the podium in the following tournaments: Austrian Classic K1 World Cup (2017), Polish K1 Championship (2016, 2017) and K1 European Cup (2016), Polish Low Kick Championship (2016).
In September 2018, Maksymilian Bratkowicz fought in WAKO K1 European Cup 2018 in Prague. He won four from five of his fights, losing in the final clash with Yauheni Vauchok (Belarus), winner of the WAKO K1 European Cup in 2017.
In January 2019, Maks proved his great class and defended the champion title in the category up to 86 kg during the DSF Challenge gala 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.
As you can see, during his career Maksymilian Bratkowicz proved that he knows how to reach for the highest goals.

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