Magnussen at Red Bull next to Verstappen? “Would be a brilliant lineup”

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According to Matt Bishop, Kevin Magnussen is a ‘brilliant’ candidate to replace Alexander Albon at Red Bull Racing. The former communications director of the McLaren team says the Danish driver would make a great team with leader Max Verstappen.

Bishop and Magnussen worked together at McLaren in 2014, but after one season the now 28-year-old driver had to leave the British team. Talking to GMM, Bishop says he regrets that Magnussen has never again found a competitive position in Formula 1 after his departure.

“At Renault and Haas, although he’s out-driven his teammates, he hasn’t had the cars to show the sensational winning form that anyone who watched him blitz World Series by Renault in 2013 knows is there, waiting, still ready to be untapped”, he said.

Red Bull possibly looking for a replacement

Bishop calls the occupation of the seats at Red Bull ‘interesting’. “I have absolutely no inside knowledge as to Helmut’s and Christian’s current thinking, but it’s said that they may well be looking to make a change”, he reveals. “I reckon Max and Kev would be a brilliant lineup for them.”

Bishop is the first to come up with this idea. He also explains why he thinks it would be such a good combination. “They are two very experienced yet still young, prodigiously fast but tremendously feisty, extremely ambitious and hugely capable lads who would keep each other honest and win races whenever the Merc win-machine faltered for any reason.”

Verstappen and Magnussen are two Formula 1 drivers who always have their word on the matter and also say what it is like when something doesn’t suit them. Would that not collide and cause problems in the end? “Who cares? You want your drivers to ruffle each other’s feathers from time to time“, concludes Bishop.


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