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What is KickEX?

KickEX is an advanced-trading crypto exchange with the lowest trading fees and the most profitable referral program. KickEX will take everything that we’ve learned over the years and layer in new innovations to create a next generation exchange.

What is KickEX Referral Program?

KickEX Referral Program is a multi-level referral system with 10 levels. It allows to get a personal unique link to invite traders to KickEX and build multi-level networks to earn referral rewards from the traders invited directly and the traders they invite on the next levels all the way down to the 10th level (Example 1). Plus 50,000 KickTokens for each referral.

KickEX Referral reward

Each trading fee paid by the referred users on KickEX will produce a corresponding reward for you based on your referral levelReferral rewards are credited immediately to the involved referrers’ accounts in the currency used in the trading fee (Example 2).

KickEX Referral Program structure and reward % from each level:

Example 1: Referral structure

A user Mike invites Alice, then Alice invites Peter and Peter invites Bob. So: Alice will be registered as a direct referral to Mike or his 1st-level referral, and Peter will be registered as a 2nd-level referral to Mike, while Bob will be a 3rd-level referral to Mike. Such a structure continues all the way down to the 10th level when more users join and continue building the network.

Example 2: Reward Calculation 

Mike invited Alice, and Alice invited Peter. Alice paid $100 in trading fees on KickEX, and Peter paid $100. So, Mike will receive $25 as a total reward from his referrals: $15 from Alice (100*15%=15), and $10 from Peter (100*10%=10). In the meantime, Alice will receive $15 as a referral reward from Peter, since he is a direct referral to Alice.

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