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There was so little for FC Den Bosch to defeat Sparta Rotterdam – very strong vice-leader of the Dutch Eerste Divisie! The match ended with a draw 1:1, and FC Den Bosch lost the victory in additional time. 

It was a very important game for FC Den Bosch, as this team is still seeking to score enough points to finish the regular season on the highest possible place. It’s important because the highest the place will have, the easiest playoff rival from the Eerste Divisie should be for FC Den Bosch. As you can, the stake is still high. That’s why it was so important to grab any points from Sparta Rotterdam.

In the 1st half of this game, the fight on the pitch was even. In the first 20 minutes, FC Den Bosch had more scoring opportunities but failed to beat the goalie of Sparta. Then the guest side started to attack with more confidence but defensive players of FC Den Bosch did their job well and stopped the opponent from scoring.

After nearly 70 minutes of the game, the score was finally opened. In the 68th minute, Stefano Beltrame scored thanks to the free kick made by Danny Verbeek. That was a perfect moment to take the lead, as there were only 20 minutes left to play. FC Den Bosch players knew that they have to still put Sparta under pressure to defend the good result. But in football, good performance is not always enough. You also need a bit of luck and in the Friday’s game, FC Den Bosch run without it. In the 94th (!) minute, Sparta’s best striker Lars Veldwijkmanaged to score and tie the game to the 1:1.

After a draw with Sparta Rotterdam, FC Den Bosch is on the 4th place and has 56 points: 2 more than fifth Jong PSV Eindoven. This place guarantees the right to play in the play off round after the end of the regular season.FC Den Bosch – Sparta Rotterdam 1:1 (1:0)Goal for FC Den Bosch:Veltrame (68.)

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