Judge decides on appeal against Verstappen

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Max Verstappen does not get 1.5 tons from online supermarket Picnic because of a misplaced film with a lookalike of the driver. Earlier, a judge ruled that Picnic had to pay this considerable sum to Verstappen for breach of the portrait right, but that has now been reversed.

Movie with lookalike

A few years ago Picnic came up with a playful film in which a lookalike by Verstappen played the leading role. The film came out one day after Jumbo, sponsor of Verstappen, released a commercial with the Red Bull driver. Verstappen was not to be praised for the fake Picnic film on which the online supermarket immediately took the film offline.

As an internal joke, Picnic’s boss Michiel Muller told them, but they nevertheless received a claim of 1.5 tons, because the commercial damaged Verstappen’s portrait rights. However, the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam has decided that this is not the case because the right to freedom of expression is involved in this matter, reports De Limburger.

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