John McAfee has a new crypto project: His own privacy coin

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  • A well-known, albeit controversial crypto supporter, John McAfee, recently announced a new crypto.
  • McAfee calls his new coin ‘Ghost,’ and he says that it will be a privacy coin.
  • With a combination of his DEX and a new privacy coin, users will have full control over their funds.

Famous programmer and a vocal crypto advocate, John McAfee, is back with another major announcement. McAfee revealed that he currently works on a new cryptocurrency. This will be his own privacy coin, which he calls Ghost.

McAfee bringing ultimate control over funds with a crypto/DEX combo

McAfee tweeted that his coin is in development, stating that the coin will use a PoS algorithm. Not only that, but it will use atomic swaps on the McAfeeDex platform for trading against some of the leading cryptos.

McAfee stressed that the combination of a DEX and a privacy coin will provide people with full control over their finances.

His motivation to create what seems to be the ultimate privacy system for trading is quite well known, too. He himself said that he is wanted in the US due to tax evasion. Meanwhile, he has been a very bullish supporter of the cryptocurrency sector. Also, he has been a member of the crypto community for years now, despite the fact that he is also a controversial figure.

Will Ghost perform better than McAfee’s previous crypto?

It is also worth noting that this will not be the first cryptocurrency that McAfee had launched. Previously, he created an ERC-20 token called Epstein Did Not Kill Himself (WHACKD).

At this time, his WHACKD token only remains available on his own DEX. Also, it currently has next to 0 liquidity. It only saw two transactions yesterday. With low liquidity, and the fact that McAfee based it on a rather controversial idea, it is not surprising that exchanges are not listing it.

However, when it comes to his Ghost token, it will be very interesting to see how the situation will progress. After all, there are many who are highly interested in achieving greater levels of privacy in the crypto industry. If McAfee’s coin, in combination with his DEX, can provide it to them, privacy-oriented investors might yet come.

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