Joe Biden stole the election, but Trump will be back in four years to fix things

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Joe Biden stole the election and everybody knows it. Now, for four years, we’re stuck with a bunch of people who despise everything that makes America great. Half are socialists or communists, and the rest are wimpy politicians who wouldn’t last five minutes in a Saturday night fistfight.

Biden says we should put our differences aside and all work together for America. Well, hot dignity dog! You mean just like the Democrats worked with and supported President Trump the last four years? That’s a great idea! When do we start lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing and when would you like to be impeached, Uncle Joe?

The liberal media swears these was the most fair and secure election in history. Yes and Nancy Pelosi won the Miss America contest. And Elvis is alive and working at a car wash in Minnesota.

A Biden presidency will do great harm to America, but we’ve survived worse. Actually, I can’t remember anything worse but there might have been something.

What can we expect the next four years? It’s hard to say. Put a bunch of socialists in charge and they’ll screw up a two car funeral. There’s only one thing for certain. If the stock market tanks completely and unemployment goes to 93%, the media will tell us that Biden is doing a wonderful job and the country is headed in the right direction.

If you’re a conservative, how do you handle the next four years? Well, you take a deep breath, relax, stock up on pork and beans, buy more ammo, keep some cash money on hand. And stay positive. If the dummies don’t completely destroy our country, Trump will be around to put things back together again.

Life gets complicated, doesn’t it?

God bless America.


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