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The first Stradivarius in post-war Poland has been loaned to Janusz Wawrowski. The precious instrument was purchased by a Polish art sponsor, Mr. Roman Ziemian and Mr. Stephan Morgenstern, the CEO of FutureNet – a community platform connecting people active in the sectors of direct marketing and Multi-Level Marketing. The founder has for many years been involved in charitable and educational activities around the globe. The purchase of a Stradivarius was born out of a need of the heart and love for music which he discovered when he was in a music school. The violin, bought to commemorate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, will be displayed at an exhibition in the Royal Castle in Warsaw to be held between the 7th and the 21st December.

Stradivarius – this one word evokes the thrill of excitement all around the world. The works created by the famous luthier are worth millions of dollars. The instruments of this class give incomparable sound. There is one “but” – they must be in the hands of a great virtuoso. They tend to be capricious, like a living organism and only good skills allow to bring out their full potential.

For years, Janusz Wawrowski dreamed about bringing such a great instrument to Poland, believing that their absence marginalizes Polish artists on the international stage.

This Stradivarius is much more than a wonderful violin, it could become the ambassador of our music in the world. Its story and amazing sound attract attention immediately, whenever I mention it and whenever it appears!  – Janusz Wawrowski

Before the II World War Poland had Stradivarius violins. Unfortunately, all these extremely valuable instruments were moved abroad, sold or handed over. Now, for the first time in the post-war history of the country, we have “our” Stradivarius. What’s more, it is an absolutely unique instrument!

Many details about the story of this violin are shrouded in mystery. In its construction, it runs far beyond the period called Amatiese. The form of the instrument refers to the most splendid copies of Stradivari from the so-called the golden period of his work. It remained in the hands of private owners for years. It was used to for the performances only once a year. Thanks to this, it is currently one of the best-preserved Stradivarius in the world. A thorough examination of this 333-year-old instrument showed that all its elements are original. The violin was made in 1685, in the year of birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. The authenticity of the violin is confirmed by certificates.

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