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This is the most crucial part of the season for FC Den Bosch. The team of which FutureNet is a sponsor has a chance to win the promotion to the top Dutch league Eredivisie. But first of all, FC Den Bosch must take further steps in the playoff round. Its first rival will be Go Ahead Eagles.

The last game of the regular season found out to be decisive for both FC Den Bosch and Go Ahead Eagles. Both teams faced each other in the direct match and FC Den Bosch won 2:0. Eventually, this result was crucial to set the final order in the table after the regular season. With 3 points scored, FC Den Bosch jumped into the 4th place and overtook Go Ahead.

Now, these 2 teams will play against each other twice, in the 2nd round of playoffs. First game of the series will be held on May 19th in Deventer, home city of Go Ahead Eagles team. 3 days later game 2 will be played in Den Bosch.

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