Is Mercedes falling apart slowly? “Then Hamilton will be really worried”

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It is now clear that hairline cracks are starting to appear at Mercedes. After many rumours about Toto Wolff and his shares in Aston Martin, it is now Andy Cowell, head of the engine department at Mercedes, who leaves.

Six world titles in a row and with that Mercedes achieved the unique record of most manufacturer titles in a row, which only Ferrari was able to match between 1999 and 2004. A seventh is still possible in 2020, but with all the rumors and now the departure of Cowell, the team seems to fall apart.

The end of Mercedes?

”It is beginning to seem that the friends team that it was is falling apart. Cowell seems to have told his friends inside Mercedes that he does not have another team in mind, but is he really leaving without a guarantee to be able to work somewhere else? Cowell isn’t the biggest problem though, because he can still be replaced,” says Ted Kravitz in Sky Sports’ Vodcast.

“Everything stands or falls with Toto Wolff. There are good people who can replace all other employees in the organization, but when Toto leaves Lewis Hamilton will really start to worry. Then the dominance might disappear, as will happen to every dominant team at the end of the day,” concludes Kravitz.


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