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Hello FutureAdPro Community,

Three years ago, FutureAdPro was created with the intention to become one of the most dynamic online advertising platforms. It was designed to help many Users promote their personal branding and companies to advertise their business and sell their products. Also, another important reason was to promote websites and blogs.

With this update we wish to inform you about the steps we are taking to protect the interest of the legitimate Users and the integrity of the company.

The launch of FutureAdPro 2.0, includes various improvements to provide to the entire community of Users, a long-term success and presence on the online market.

During the last months, we discovered that several Users have maliciously misused the concept and advertising system for their own benefits, thus hurting the community of Users within.

They used inappropriate methods and violated the General Terms and Conditions of the Company. They were describing the FutureAdPro as an investment program and sold it as such to others, and in many cases made unrealistic promises to people, by guaranteeing an annual profit of 700%.


FutureAdPro always share with the User the profit that are made available. The company, never announced a guarantee of how low or high the daily return in percentage of advertising can be. Questions such as: “why the system offers such a low amount of money or only a small percentage of return per day?”, are based on lack of understating of how the online advertising program works.

We, as a company, offer an online advertising platform. We reward the Users who, as part of this community, enables the advertising platform to function property. The basic conditions for cooperation are in the rules described in the General Terms and Conditions.

All FutureAdPro Users are part of a very large community, and ALL TOGETHER, as one society, we can have an impact on how successful we can be. TOGETHER, as one team united, we can work to have a positive impact on how much profit we could achieve.

Therefore, when a person decides to write and posts negative comments regarding FutureAdPro, it causes damage to the entire community. Within the FutureAdPro advertising program, there two types of Users: those who have already received greater amount of FND than they initially spent on their advertising, and Users who purchased AdPacks and have received smaller amount of FN, than their spending on their advertising.

Two examples:

If you, as a User, have purchased an AdPack Order for $2,000 and your withdrawal was only $800 until now, you can continue the use the advertising platform as usual. Daily bonuses will be accounted based on the process of calculation. Bonuses can fluctuate during the course of the upcoming days. You can still withdraw these bonuses you earned, in this example up to $1,200.

If you have purchased an AdPack for $2,000, and you have not received any bonuses so far, you can withdraw the full amount of $2,000.

To clarify this finally, all Users who have withdrawn the entire amount, or even more, than they originally spent on AdPacks, will not be able to make any additional withdraws at the moment.


FutureAdPro Team

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