Important changes about the codes and vouchers in FutureAdPro

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We’re working on some important changes in the way how the codes and vouchers in FutureAdPro work for you.

Currently, when you generate the code or redeem the FND voucher in FutureAdPro, the system takes a 10% commission. And that will change. Currently, in our virtual workshop we’re working on some improvements which will allocate 10% commission on FutureNet product packs.

This feature currently is under development and we’re working hard to deliver it to you soon.

FutureNet Team

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Nieske Schimmel · 08/06/2019 at 9:04 am

Today I received your mailing about futurenet an how this is not an investment platform, but an advertising platform.
This is exactly why I started.
Unfortunately my add is still not approved…. I am waiting for this for months now.

If you really want futurenet to be an advertising platform, than you should focus on the advertising!

Can you please check and approve my add? So I can use the platform for what it is designed

Best regards

Nieske Schimmel

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